Chris Mann (Team Christina) “Ave Maria”–Flanked by candles and gauzy curtains, Chris positively slays this gorgeous, timeless piece of music, not missing a note. All the judges were effusive in their praise, Christina even went up and gave him a hug, which is when we learned that she decided to save time in wardrobe by skipping pants.

Jamar Rogers (Team Cee-Lo) “If You Don’t Know Me By Now”–The touches of electronica that Jamar infused into the arrangement are nice and the whole thing just seems like it’s effortless for him. He really seems like a star already. Adam says he was a fan, period. Blake calls it laid back and appreciated the low note he ended with. Christina wanted to grab a mike and join him (of course she did!) Cee-Lo is thrilled with the stripped down and intimate arrangement.

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