Jermaine Paul (Team Blake) “Open Arms”–Why is Jermaine dressed as a black Tony Manero? He seems a bit nervous and a just a tad ahead of the music the whole song, although that may have just been the arrangement. Christina says he killed it. Cee-Lo says he is consistently impressed with Jermaine, while Adam congratulates him on no longer being a background singer. Blake thinks he’s peaking at the right time.

Katrina Parker (Team Adam) “Killing Me Softly”–Everyone on the panel is into it, and I’ll admit to grooving at home. Her voice is super cool. Blake calls it “seasoned”. Christina implores Adam to give Katrina more points than Tony while also saying she would have given her different ways to approach the song than Adam did. Cee-Lo shouts out Roberta Flack and says Katrina gave the song yet another spin on the classic. Adam is very proud, of course.

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