Lindsey Pavao  (Team Christina) “Skinny Love” –Lindsey is strumming her guitar and putting her best folk rock spin on this Bon Iver song (including an ethereal gown and bare feet!), complete with an assembly of audience members sitting cross-legged on the stage. It’s a quieter performance than any before her and Cee-Lo praises her confidence. Adam just keeps gushing over the show itself. Blake likes the strategy of keeping things in her wheelhouse, as she did with having Chris Mann singing opera.

Juliet Simms (Team Cee-Lo) “It’s A Man’s World”–What can you say about Juliet? She works the stage and just kills the vocal. It just seems wrong that this cannot come down to Juliet vs. Jamar for all the marbles. Christina makes it all about her before complimenting Juliet, as only she can.  Adam loved it and Cee-Lo is near tears as he tells her she murdered the record.

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