Lady Antebellum showed up to sing “Wanting You More” with no guest singers.  Jeez, these guys are everywhere!

As for The Beibs?  Well, he’s sang live at least.  He was winded and the rapped segments were breathy as hell.  He really is just a poor imitation of the Timberlake on this song. Plus, I’m pretty sure his voice just changed during the performance.  The dancing was probably the best part of the number, which tells you how much I like the song.  Also, swaggy is not a word.

Finalist “Reunion” Performances

Jamar Rogers, James Massone and Pip performed “I Want You Back” with Jermaine Paul.  Jamar singing “Oh baby give me one more chance, won’t you let me back into your heart” was awesome.  He really deserved to be in this finale.  Overall, they did a terrific job covering the Jackson 5.  (Carson: “Take that, Boy bands!”)

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