Lindsey Pavao and Katrina Parker joined Chris Mann on “Bittersweet Symphony.”  Both ladies looked gorgeous (not sure about Lindsey’s makeup, though) and each had their moments on the record, but I still don’t buy Chris as any sort of frontman.  He’s just not as dynamic as he thinks he is.

Kim Yarborough, Naia Kete, Sera Hill and Cheesa sang “Superstition”  They’re a pretty good combo from a harmony standpoint, but the song dragged on a little.  Sera, in particular, bugs me with her “dance moves”.  And I never really warmed to Cheesa.

Juliet Simms sang “With A Little Help from My Friends” accompanied by Jamar Rogers, Erin Willett and RaeLynn.  It was phenomenal, even though I don’t really like RaeLynn.  Definitely a highlight of the night.

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