The obligatory Adam & Blake Bromance segment was also fun, with lines like this one from Adam:  “the nature of our friendship is platonic, and we like to dance together.”

The best of the night had to be a Parks & Recreation bit with Ron Swanson suddenly having a Voice Chair, which he turns around when Leslie and Chris try to get him to sign documents. He borrowed it from Cee-Lo, who listens to Andy sing for two seconds  Why didn’t he do “5000 Candles in the Wind”?!)  Leslie wants to give him a CD to have either Blake or Adam listen to, but definitely not Cee-Lo.  It was a little cheesy, but we’ll take any chance to see our favorite show pimped during NBC’s only big hit.  This line, however, we wish could have been eliminated.  Carson Daly:  “Will Leslie Knope get elected?  I Knope So.”  I assume Amy Poehler kicked her TV at that point.

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