At long last it was time for the final results.  Apparently, a quarter of a percentage point separated third and fourth place.  Chris Mann was fourth and Tony Lucca was third.  See what fighting does?????  Hopefully, that’ll make Adam and Christina chill next season.

A mere 4% separated first and second place.  In a real stunner, Jermaine Paul wins.  REALLY?  Two seasons of this show, two bald, married, African American gentlemen are your winners.  Does that mean any guy fitting that description who makes it through the blinds next year is the automatic frontrunner?

Well, we’ll see you whenever Season 3 arrives, a date that has not been provided as of yet.  Maybe by then, Christina will have found bottoms that do not resemble a spangly diaper and an overall style that doesn’t make the censors nervous.  And maybe, just maybe, Mark Burnett and co. will take my advice and totally revamp the Battle Rounds and, really, everything after the blind auditions.  See you then!

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