I’m back, Voice fans!  Did you miss me?  You know the best thing about this show (besides Xtina’s cleavage, that is)?  That going into each week, we the audience have very little idea what the rules are or how the people who advance will be determined.  I’m wondering how much this process will be tweaked for season 2, because it could certainly be made A LOT better.

Case in point: After tonight’s eight performances, four people will move on to the finals, one from each team.  And those finalists will be determined by a combination of their coach awarding them some amount of points out of 100 (that we don’t even get to see!  Lame!) and viewer votes.  Question: what has been the point of this “team” concept, really?  I mean, the coach part has been integral to the whole thing, but at no point did these contestants ever seem to form a cohesive unit, at least not to me.  Was it for those group numbers?  Because then it was hardly worth bothering.  And, back to the coaching for a second.  I’ve really enjoyed seeing the coaches mentoring their singers, but since it’s clear no one is going to give any constructive criticism on the live show, can we just ditch all that mumbo jumbo?  I know it’s a pipe dream to ask, but I had to put it out there.

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