Our Supernatural Roundtable crew have been distressed by the recent string of episodes.  Is this week’s episode, “Freaks and Geeks” going to turn it around?  Let’s all find you together!  (HINT:  Don’t bother packing a lunch.  We won’t be here long.)


I’ll keep this brief because if Supernatural wanted me to re-watch their episodes enough to write a decent recap, they wouldn’t make those episodes mostly Meg.

This episode opened with Cas killing Dean and then we see that angel chick being real proud that he didn’t hesitate. Then they zoom out and we see a huge room full of dead Deans. Yeah, the angel’s been making him practice. That’s kind of a cool visual and set up. Even though it’s only moderately interesting, it’s by far the most entertaining part of the episode.

Then Meg shows up and does a lot of stuff. Then the credits roll.

I’ll start doing my job better when the Supernatural writers start doing theirs. It takes two to tango.

(This probably goes without saying, but I give this episode a Hell.)



I wish Supernatural had aired an episode this week like they said they were going to. I turned the CW on at the appropriate time and there was nothing but static on the TV.

What’s that you say? There was an episode and I watched it, but it was so incredibly boring that I didn’t retain any of it? I see.

Okay, I did awaken from my boring-episode-induced-coma long enough to notice one thing. There is a fifteen minute sequence during which the following insults are spoken:

– Crowley calls Sam “moose”

– Crowley calls Meg “dog”

– Meg calls Crowley “pig”

– Naomi calls Crowley “cockroach”

So maybe that’s something? I don’t know anymore.


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