Look, full disclosure, I got bored of this episode and didn’t totally pay attention. For part of it I was reading a comedian argue with paper towels on Twitter because that was more entertaining. So some of my logic problems may have actually been addressed. But I think the fact that I couldn’t pay attention or bring myself to give it a second watch says more than any other complaint could. Here’s what I got out of this episode:

Crowley is making two of his underlings pose as Sam and Dean in order to get info from Kevin Tran. This plot is sort of hilarious because it rests on the assumption that the actual Sam and Dean will never bother checking in on Kevin. In fact, later in the episode when they think Kevin is dead, Dean says, “We should’ve moved him here.” “Here” being the mansion they’re now living in. YOU THINK, DEAN? YOU THINK YOU SHOULD’VE DONE THAT? Anyway, when Crowley is ordering these underlings around, he sits in a director’s chair and gives them acting notes (Dean Winchester doesn’t say p’oh he says…d’oh!), so that’s cute. Look, nobody is saying Crowley’s not cute. That’s not the issue here. But in less happy news, these creatures seem to be unaffected by holy water, but affected by devil’s traps. I’m not an expert in Supernatural lore, so maybe they have introduced a shapeshifter with that specific set of weaknesses. But I somewhat suspect they just went with what was convenient to their plot and didn’t worry about it.

Because these convenient monsters have kidnapped Kevin, Dean and Sam get an email from Kevin explaining that the email was sent automatically which means he must be dead. Hilariously, Kevin attaches files with all of the work he’s done translating. So every time we see people torturing and killing in order to get information, remember that all the information exists on an email server with just a password protecting it. And you know that Dean didn’t bother putting numbers, symbols and capital letters in his password.

Castiel keeps the angels from finding him by hiding at diners. I don’t really like the logic of it, but at least the show offers an explanation.

Crowley finds the angel tablet, the one that would banish all angels to Heaven. I think this is supposed to be bad, but we see angels mass murder people in this episode. Maybe they need a little banishment, y’know?

Later an angel (played by Booger from Revenge of the Nerds) starts talking about how great writers are. Uuuugh I hate TV writers.

Final note: At one point Dean rolls his eyes at Sam telling him he should say “Native American” instead of “Indian.” Remember how last week he was annoyed at Charlie for pointing out that the Men of Letters was a sexist organization? I know he saves the world on the regular, but get with the times, Dean.

Hell+ because Crowley is cute.



Okay, I am still mad at Supernatural and on the verge of losing it. BUT. This week’s episode, though not great, had a certain… watchable quality to it. I did not hate it. I was able to to more or less follow what was happening. This is the new standard. That is how much the show has worn me down.

However, “The Great Escapist” suffers from some serious lazy-writer-itis, made worse by the fact that it also contains a monologue about writers and how great they are. LISTEN, SUPERNATURAL WRITING STAFF: you can either introduce two demons who are immune to holy water just… cuz… or you can use this show as a platform to congratulate yourself on the nobility of your profession. I mean, ideally you would do neither, but you know what I’m saying.

At least it FINALLY occurred to Dean that Kevin should be living in their GIANT MANSION instead of his SCARY ABANDONED BOAT. All it took was thinking Kevin was dead! I mean, seriously, come on… I don’t think Kevin’s boat even has a flushing toilet or a stove.

There was a moment where Sam told Dean he should say Native American instead of Indian and Dean was all, “What the hell is this guy talking about? Shut it, crazy Sam.” Now, I like to think it’s because Dean is so progressive he knows the term “American Indian” is now actually preferred over “Native American,” but he was probably just being a tool.

There were some pretty funny moments this week. Sam got delirious with holy fever and laughed at Dean because when they visited the Grand Canyon as children he “rode a farty donkey.” Heehee. We also got to see Crowley give acting notes to two demons who had shapeshifted into Sam and Dean. “Fake Sam, don’t use slang! ‘Special K?’ That’s how Dean talks! Sam is more direct and sincere. I want to see two distinct characters from you two!” He said all of this from a director’s chair in front of a bunch of monitors showing surveillance footage of Kevin. My love of Crowley is well-documented, but I would like to reiterate that he is the best. Since there was so much videotaping/directing/deceiving going on, I really hoped they were going to do a Truman Show episode. Man, that would have been sweet. I know, I know, you’re thinking “but no Truman Show parody episode could ever be as great as the Boy Meets World Truman Show parody episode!” You’re right, of course. We as a species will never top that perfect episode of television, but we still need to try, damn it.

Kevin figures out that the demons are demons because they are more polite to him than Sam and Dean would ever be! And they are not very polite! That’s a pretty great moment. Man, are the Winchesters dicks. Were they always this dickish? I feel like they weren’t.

The plot of this episode hinges on a lot of angel-related nonsense that I tuned out because angels are so hell of boring, but there was one little detail of the plot I really liked: Castiel avoids the angels that are trying to capture him by jumping to different locations in a chain of diners. They have trouble tracking him because all the locations are so mind-numbingly identical that their psychic link to him becomes pretty useless. This tickled me.

In less happy news, there were a couple of long, lingering shots of a lady whose eyeballs had been scorched out of her head. I know I can’t complain because this is a horror show, but ew.

Oh, also Booger was in this.

I think it is possible that important season plot points occurred this episode, but friend, I sure missed them. I think maybe that scary angel Naomi got killed? Ahdunno. However, despite the uninteresting nature of the larger plot, I think this episode had a lot of really entertaining details, so I’m giving it a Purgatory+.

Oh by the way, I think I’ve mentioned previously how Jensen Ackles is getting prettier and younger-looking by the episode. This continues unabated, and now the same is happening to Jared Padalecki! What kind of bizarre dermatological experiments are they doing on these poor boys??

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