In the present, Hauser and Madison are at the newest crime scene.  He yells at her for taking too long to get there.  “While this woman was being murdered, you were talking to more boring people…”  Hee!  He’s mad that she didn’t solve the second murder as it was happening, and instead was investigating the first murder.  I think Hauser might have unrealistically high expectations.  Hurley reports that the landlord heard violin music, but also that the new victim was not a musician and didn’t play any instruments.

Hurley and Madsen sort through the Alcatraz Music Room, which is better stocked than must public schools.  They find the violin, on which Webb fortuitously scratched his name.  While Hurley and Madsen try to track Webb, Hauser hits up a jazz club (and I refuse to believe that those still exist) and asks the old piano player about any violinists he might know.  The pianist recognizes the description and says “Deke” sold him a violin last week.  Of course there’s a guy named Deke.  If jazz clubs were real, all of them would house at least one Deke.  I was really hoping this scene would end with the reveal that Emerson has a secret life as a musician a la Duke Silver.

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