Flashback!  It’s that same jazz club, where Hauser and Lucy are on a date.  Lucy talks a little about her new patient, and then they kiss.

In the Batcave, credit card records indicate that both victims attended the same event at the San Francisco Philharmonic.  At the same time, Hauser learns he’d been working there as a stagehand, and he sends them his listed home address.  This show loves to have Hurley and Madsen learn something five seconds before Hauser tell them the answer.

Madsen, Hurley, and Hauser break into Webb’s apartment.  He’s not there, but they learn he’s been living there for months.  The 63s are starting to acclimate!  Hauser discovers the bows are strung with human hair, which we figured out a while ago.  That doesn’t make it less creepy.  One of the bows is strung with red hair, matching neither victim.  Clue!

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