Sure enough, Webb has a redheaded captive.  We also see the number 47 tattooed on his right hand.  That might be significant, or it might be J.J. Abrams just inserting his lucky number.

Flashback!  Lucy tells Webb he’s getting transferred back to general population and gives a speech about how people can change.  He offers to repay the favor one day.  You know, with his magic blood.  He doesn’t say that part out loud, of course.

In the present, Hurley goes through pictures of all the female guests at the Philharmonic event, looking for redheads.  There are only two – Hurley assumes it’s the one with longer hair, but their DMV pictures might not be recent.  Hauser says they’re going to both places, but then Hurley spots that one of them just checked in at a bar on “Friendsquare”, leaving the other one as the likely victim.  This clue brought to you by social media!  (Next season, I hope they find a 63 from his page.)

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