They arrive at the woman’s home and find her there, still alive.  She tells them that Webb said tonight was his first performance.  And sure enough, we see him standing in a spotlight on the stage from before.  The audience applauds when he finishes, but the camera pans around to show an empty auditorium.

Flashback!  The Warden, who’s been sadly absent for a long stretch of the episode, leads Webb back to GenPop.  The inmates taunt him from their cells, and once Webb’s settled in, he starts to play.  The music seemingly quiets the other inmates, and we get shots of a bunch of the 63s listening thoughtfully.  The Warden approves, and Dr. B. refers to Lucy as the Warden’s “new toy”.  Man, we learned last week what he wanted to do to a bone – I can only imagine what he’d do to a toy.

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