Flashback!  Young Emerson and Only Lucy are walking around while he tries to impress her with philosophy.  We learn that he studied philosophy at Yale, and when the ferry comes to pick her up, he asks her out on a date and she accepts.  When she arrives at Alcatraz, the warden assures her that of all the misanthropes she’s treated, this may be the worst one yet.  It’s Webb Porter, who has to be kept in one specific room in solitary, the only one that calms him.  He’s got an IQ of 162, and when we first see him, he’s nuzzling the wall of his cell.  His floor is all scratched up because he keeps moving his bed to the other side of the cell.  Lucy exposits that Webb’s mother tried to drown him in the tub when he was 6, and later he killed her.

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