She notices that he’s tapping on the wall, and asks him how long he’s had the ringing in his ears.  He turns away.  Lucy explains that he has tinnitus, and he’s only manageable in this room because the sound of the refrigerator on the other side of the wall helps drown out the ringing.  She suggests a new treatment and asks if he likes music.

Back in the present, Webb plays violin in an apartment he plays aggressively until the bow strings break.  Then, he heads to the bathroom and starts the water in the tub.  He then goes to the bedroom and puts the violin away and we see a woman, gagged and tied to the bed.  He tells her he’s missing something, and that he wishes she had more hair.  He apologizes to her, then takes her to the tub and drowns her.  She manages to scratch his neck pretty badly, which may or may not come back later.  (This is the first time I’ve watched the episode.)

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