Madsen and Nikki the ME are playing pool together at a bar.  Nikki asks about Ray, so clearly she and Madsen know each other socially, at least a little.  Madsen is vague but says it feels like she’s living somebody else’s life.  Breaking the awkwardness, Nikki gets a call.  Then Madsen gets a call from Hurley, right off she says to stop following Hauser.  Hee!  This is an ongoing project, apparently.  Hurley then explains that he went to see Lucy, but she’s gone and Hauser took her.  He says that a nurse promised to tell him all about it.  Meanwhile, Nikki got a call about the murder – somebody cut off a college student’s hair and drowned her in the tub.  What are the odds that happens twice in one night?  Oh, wait.  (I realized this recap didn’t have any jokes yet, and that was my best attempt.  I’m very sorry.)  Madsen asks to tag along on the investigation.  On the scene, Madsen notices that whoever cut the woman’s hair didn’t leave any behind, even cleaning out her brush.  She finds a piece of the woman’s broken nail on the ground.  Clues!

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