Madsen explains the case, and that the blood on the piece of fingernail was tainted – there was a high level of colloidal silver.  So Hauser knows the killer’s a 63.  He comes sort of clean and admits that some of the inmates tested positive for colloidal silver.  Madsen and Hurley didn’t even know the inmates were being tested, so this is a lot of new information.  (He claims not to know what the silver means.)  So for the first time, they know they’re after a 63, but they can’t identify which one.

Hurley and Madsen check with one of Dead Karen’s professors.  None of the photos of the 63s look familiar to him, and no other female students are missing.  Back in the secret part of the Batcave, Dr. B. struggles with webcam technology and Hauser explains that he’s sending over a blood sample from an as-yet unknown 63.  We learn that Lucy is slipping away and that Dr. B. hasn’t seen the sky “in quite some time”.

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