In the present, he’s playing that same piece of music on the violin, only this time, he’s on the porch outside a woman’s house.  She goes to the door and identifies him as “the guy from that party last week”.  He talks about an audition, an after some awkwardness, he tells her that he likes her hair and then grabs her neck.

Dr. B. tells Hauser that the mystery 63s blood type is a match for Lucy, so now they have to catch him.  And… scene!

Back to Webb playing the violin, this time on stage for a small audience.  A stern man tells Webb that it was excellent, and Webb makes a point of saying that he strings his bow himself.  Oh geez – he strings his bow with hair from his victims, doesn’t he?  Eeewwww!  A woman presents him with some sheet music, but Webb says he can’t play it.  He can’t read music – he just knows how to play the one song.  They dismiss him.  He heads back to the home of his most recent victim, who is of course gagged and tied to the bed, and tells her she wasn’t good enough.

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