Flashback!  There’s a jazz combo playing in the prison – it seems to be an inmate band.  Dr. B. films the whole thing and Tiller seems really into it, despite his established racism.  Lucy brings Webb to the session to borrow an instrument.  Tiller talks about how he could have been a musician, if his father had approved.  Tiller hasn’t reached the point where he realizes that nobody much cares what he has to say.  Given access to the instrument closet, he picks a violin.  You guys, there are a lot of instruments inAlcatraz.  Were they all confiscated?  How did people sneak so many oboes in?  His first attempt is terrible, but he improves steadily as he tries to mimic the music in his head.  I feel like learning the violin is harder than that, but he could be a prodigy.  I’ll allow it.  Lucy confirms that he’s a savant.  Good thing I allowed it, huh?

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