I don’t know what to do with this show. Sometimes when I watch it, I feel like my brother and my Dad got together and said, “hey, Don, we made a show called America’s Got Talent …you gotta watch it.” And, well, those guys are family so I watch, but the entire time I wish I could flip over the the Stanley Cup Finals …or anything on HGTV about cake baking or house cleaning.

But then I read it’s kicking major butt in the ratings, only losing out to the NBA Finals. So if you’re a TV-watcher in the summertime, you had better have America’s Got Talent on your radar. You better be prepared to walk into a coffee shop or your break room at work and hear people talking about Howie Mandel and “that little six year old dancer”. Otherwise you risk eating alone. You need to be able to say, “he was cute, but I don’t think his dancing was all that great” and “oh, well, yes, he was pretty good at the centipede.”

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