So you ask ‘is Holly’s feigned surprise over being picked on the date really reason to call her conniving?’ and I’ll respond ‘no it’s not, but you know what is?’  (I will now proceed to explain all reasons in list form for optimum impact)

  • After her skiing date with Blake, Holly makes hurtful side commentary such as “I don’t think I’ve been on a date this great ever” and “I have never had so much fun in my life”.  All nice things to say on a date, so long as your ex-fiance isn’t watching.
  • Holly chooses to stay overnight with Blake and kiss him on camera when she had an option of going back to the house.  Once again, the key word here is ‘on camera’.
  • And this is the absolute worst: When she comes back after her date, Michael lays everything out on the line and makes it very clear that he loves her and wants her back.  Instead of fessing up to the true fact that she is no longer into him, she says manipulative things to divert herself from having to say it back like “I want to be believe you, but you understand why I don’t trust you”.  Then she gets him to agree with that statement! UN-BELIEVEABLE!  Yes, Michael did leave her this last time, but are we forgetting the fact that she left him first?  She started it.

Ugh, I think I’m about to jump off Team Ladies and start rooting for the guys… but then I remember Kasey is on that team and I come to my senses.  There is one good thing in this for Michael however, I’m talking frontrunner for the next season of the Bachelor.  Sure I haven’t heard any buzz about it yet, but desperate woman sure do love a sensitive man who is looking to marry.

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