So I guess you are probably starting to wonder if anything else happened during this episode?  Well not a whole lot, other than Melissa once again going bat shit crazy at the news that Blake had lied and decided to take another woman on his date rather than his partner.  This time I thought she was at least justified in her rage.  Also on this week’s show Ella won a kissing contest and got to take Kirk out on a hot air balloon ride.  I adore both of them so when it ended with a kiss I wasn’t even angry that this single mom had moved in on my man.  Get it girl!  Other new developments involved the redemption of William or as some call him Bill.  I was sad to see William go (not so sad to see Melissa go) at the end of tonight’s episode because I felt I was finally just starting to see the sweet funny guy that everyone was supposed to love during last season’s The Bachelorette (if it weren’t for one bad joke and female insecurities!).  I’m glad too that Jake and Michelle aren’t the only one’s seizing this opportunity to not only try to win money but also good graces.  Sure in the end the money can only go to two, but redemption can go to anyone who seeks after it, just ask my friend Jesus Christ.

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