That’s it. Stacey covered the Holly Durst saga and the debate on whether she’s a “confused sweet girl” or a “total whore.” Neither of us touched the fact Erica Rose is a openly proud whore and she’s on the wrong season of Bachelor Pad. Last season, I think she could’ve nailed at least 3 guys by now, probably one of the chicks, and easily had a threesome. It was so much worse the last time on Bachelor Pad.

I should also talk about Melissa “The Waitress”, but ya know what …I just feel sorry for her. She doesn’t mean to be so crazy …she just is. I realize she wanted desperately for Blake to be “into her” but she needs to find her own Kasey …or maybe she should’ve aligned with William long before. I’ll miss those two.Thanks for reading and I’ll see you next week. My recap might involve puppets (if I get inspired).

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