Kasey, I’m guessing, is a lifelong dork who has seen his fair share of bullying and ridicule. In fact, I’m sure of it. Nobody with any confidence gets a tattoo in order to impress a girl he hardly knows and doesn’t realize how pathetic that looks, and only a guy who never dated any good-looking girls thinks Vienna is “beautiful” and puts up with her shit. Kasey is a dork who suddenly found himself on TV and because of it, and because of some sterroids and now a second shot to be on TV, suddenly he thinks he’s David Hasselhoff (who I’m defining as the essence of “cool.”). Unlike an “ugly duckling” who grows up and becomes a swan, and then sheds the light of his/her beauty down onto the world, a beauty that flows from inside and out …Kasey instead is the “ugly duckling” who can’t wait to talk about bashing faces on all the other ducklings that used to laugh at him. Sadly, he just can’t pull it off. To use a The Bachelorette example, let’s talk Bentley from Ashley’s season. He’s the complete opposite of Kasey. He’s probably been cool his whole life. Probably always had tons of friends, dated hot chicks, and it all just came naturally. “Cool guys” become arrogant assholes. Kasey became a spazztic jackass.

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