But enough about Kasey …for at least one more week, he and Vienna will be around and I’ll be able to hate on him. I want to talk about Jake.

But not before I talk about spunkybean’s Stacey …she thinks Michael is attractive? Holy crap, I don’t know what’s wrong with Stacey …first she liked the hairless JP from last season, and now she’s keen on fish-lips Michael and crazy-taxidermy-Dad, crazy-eyes Kirk. It makes no sense. Stacey and I used to sit around spunkybean headquarters and watch Bach’ and Bach’ette together and we’d laugh, and wear matching Snuggies (in those cold February days), and talk about which girls or guys we’d marry, and what we’d name our li’l Bachelor kids …and now, I don’t even feel like I know who Stacey is anymore. If you’re Stacey’s Mom and you are reading this …I know, I’m worried, too. Call me. JP and now Michael? It’s a cry for help.

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