Jake hatches a plan to go on TV, let Vienna make a dang fool of herself and he’ll try like hell to bite his tongue, make some friends within The Bachelor and Bachelorette alumni community, show America he’s just, sorta, a normal guy, and maybe he can put this whole horrible nightmare behind him.

And, boys and girls, that’s exactly what he did. Brilliantly. Think about it …as I’ve mentioned before, there are crazy people in this world. Where you and I might see any semi-famous reality show person in a restaurant and maybe ask for an autograph, or maybe even just walk by and say, “hi, I loved you on The Bachelor,” it’s not you and I that reality show villains worry about. It’s the sad, shut-in type people who have no issues walking up to Jake and chewing him a new asshole about how horrible he was to Vienna. I heard Jake had drinks thrown in his face, multiple times had to ask ABC to hire security for him, he had an angry stalker, and he gets so much hate email he’s become numb to it all.

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