After about 5 weeks of Bachelor Pad gals and girls doing their best to not look whore-ish (well everyone except Erica) most of these contestants had had enough.  Sexual tension was at an ultimate high and a few couples were ready to explode.  This is to be expected.  However, what I did not expect was the vast amount of sexual ultimatums being thrown down.  The episode started with a real ‘bang’ when Kasey and Vienna got in a fight because she told him she wanted to ‘do it’ and then changed her mind.  In a sexually frustrated rage Kasey ripped the promise ring he gave her off her finger, called her a stanky ho for sleeping with Wes & Dave Goode (didn’t know about that one), and told her if she didn’t go downstairs and ‘cuddle’ with him he’ll leave the show.  For the first time this season, Vienna actually looked like the sane one next to Kasey when she quietly whispers back to him that she didn’t appreciate the ultimatum.  Kasey protested that it was not an ultimatum, but he would leave if she didn’t come downstairs.  At which point Vienna explained to him what an ultimatum was.  Wow, maybe those trailer park schools aren’t so bad afterall.  Just when I was starting to feel good about Vienna for 2 seconds she decided to mess it all up by ultimately giving in to Kasey’s wishes for a goodnight bang.
The night’s second ultimatum was surprisingly thrown down by a woman and not a man.  I will also point out that Erica Rose made this comment right before her one on one date with Blake the Snake: “It’s my mission to have a romantic date with Blake and hopefully end up in the missionary position tonight”.  Now try to guess who made the ultimatum?  Once again my favorite character Erica Rose reminds me why I love this show, by shameless coming on to Blake, her new partner after coming in second place during the “Nearly Wed” Challenge.  At dinner she caressed his leg, shot down every one of Blake’s excuses as to why they shouldn’t spend the night in the fantasy suite, spoke of the sexy lingerie she’d packed and then concluded with a guilt trip, “As my partner, I thought you would do this [sex] for me.” And really why wouldn’t she be aggressive, her astrologer, Herb, not only told her that she’d make it to the finale but that she’s also find romance.  Nevertheless, Blake somehow escaped the evening without being mauled and I was left wondering, what is it about Blake that has these women going crazy?  I don’t see it…..You know what else I don’t see?  Anywhere in my last article where I said I had a crush on Michael or his fish lips.  Don started out being mean but now he’s just making up lies!  I simply expressed in my last article that I felt sorry for Michael for still loving an insensitive manipulator who would make out with another man in front of him.  I never said I thought he was cute.  I do however love the sweet, ever endearing Kirk, who chased down a crying Ella to hug and console her after she was convinced they were going home.  That I will stand behind.  Oh and Don, I want my Snuggie back, Fall’s around the corner.

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