I have no doubt we’ll be talking about the Bachelor Pad finale for years. While some critics might say, “did you really need three hours,” the rest of us will say, “yes, and I could use a few hours more.”  So much happened …where to begin.

Let’s start with congratulating Holly and Michael (and Blake). They won. Together, and with Blake interfering, they’ve spent the past 4 months living in a mansion together with Holly falling more and more out of love with Michael, Holly falling more and more in live with Blake, Blake falling in love with Holly, and Michael realizing Holly is the woman of his dreams and he blew it. Seriously, the entire Bachelor Pad season could’ve focused on this romantic triangle and I would’ve been happy. Lucky for us, however, there was a whole bunch more crazy. For those who maybe only half-watched or couldn’t wait it out until the bitter end, Graham and Michelle and Holly and Michael ended up in the final four. In front of all their former house-mates, they faced a Survivor-like final tribal council, and then the housemates all vote for the most deserving couple. Then …Holly and Michael have to play a game of Russian Roulette (is it still P.C. to call it “Russian Roulette …apologies to any Russians I might have offended) where they can opt, in secret, to “share” or “keep” the $250,000. If they both choose “share”, they split the cash. If one chooses “share” and the other chooses “keep”, the person who chose “keep” gets the entire bucket of money AND pretty much ensures they will be hated forever everywhere they go, and they won’t very likely be invited on the Bachelor-Bachelorette cruises and weekend get-aways. Essentially, they’d be saying good-bye to the glamorous life of being a Bachelor-Bachelor Pad alum and would simply have to go back to their real life (but with $250,000).

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  1. Karen says:

    Hilarious! Love it!

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