Time for another new episode! By the way, I think I forgot to mention this last time, but the theme song for the new season seems to be cut down in such a way that the lyrics are now “Whatever it takes the best that I can be!” Sure, old viewers will recognize that as a cut down version of the theme song, but aren’t they worried about new viewers trying to puzzle over what “Whatever it takes the best that I can be” could possibly mean? Does Degrassi not get new viewers? Have the same people been watching it since 1979? I simultaneously feel like that is the case, while also feeling like most of the viewers were born in the late ‘90s. I think I’ve successfully isolated all readers with this rambling intro, so let’s get into the episode!



Clare struggled with the effects of chemo and worried about her relationship with Eli. It was a real heartbreaker.

Tristan didn’t want to face sharing a room with a bunch of teenage straight boys, so he pretended to be straight and said that Maya was his girlfriend in order to sell it. There were a couple of stumbles that made this feel too sitcom-ish, but I really liked the idea of it. TV often makes it seem like once you’re out of the closet, you’re just out, but it always changes with the situation. I had a similar experience in high school where everyone knew I was bisexual besides my fellow cheerleaders because I’d heard a couple of them discuss how uncomfortable they’d be with a gay teammate. So points for realism!

Alli ran around Paris and got herself real lost until she met a hunky French boy. This was easily the least satisfying plot. I really preferred just watching Alli not able to fit in with anyone else on the tour, which was pretty emotionally resonant, to the meeting-someone-exotic-abroad cliche.


The Good Ship Lifestyle

I wouldn’t say I totally ship Tristan and Miles– I’m waiting to see more on how Miles feels– but I loved their scenes together in this episode. The moment where Miles left the room and Tristan was just bubbling with happiness was a perfect teenager moment.

Jenna and Connor continue to be fairly cute, particularly because they remind me of my beloved Christina Aguilera and her Carsonbot.

Of course the big ship of the episode was Clare and Eli and I continue to be all about that.

I assume Alli and the French boy isn’t going anywhere, but what do I know?


I’ve Got Something in My Eye…

Obviously the Clare plot was intense.


They’re Here, They’re Queer

Adam continues to be a great friend to Eli and Clare because he is incapable of lying to either of them. He also brought in Imogen to help out Clare because, yes, she seems like someone who would own several trunks of wigs. Now, I understand that helping Clare was more important than anything in that moment and that Imogen was a logical person to get help from. I understand that. But, man, this “secret friend” thing is not going to go over so great with Becky when she finds out about it.

I think I’ve discussed Tristan enough already, but he’s a delight.


Biggest LOL

Clare saying “let’s play doctor” was maybe my favorite thing ever.


Most Valuable Actor

Well, yes, I will give this one to Aislinn Paul as Clare Edwards.


Biggest Drama Bomb

Clare’s “I am in control!” was the standout moment for me.

That’s it for this episode. Tomorrow we get more of Alli in Paris because apparently those clowns thought that was A-plot material. Hopefully it’ll surpass my expectations.

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