It’s time for Degrassi’s first ever nighttime dance! Despite the fact that no one in all of humankind used the phrase “nighttime dance” before or since this episode, it comes up about 1,000 times in the 23 minute runtime. If you played a game where you took a drink every time they say “nighttime dance”, you would end up getting as drunk as Terri does at the nighttime dance in this episode.


Terri is feeling insecure because she doesn’t think any boys would ask a fat girl to the big nighttime dance. Spinner actually likes Terri, but the only person who sees this is Paige, who wants Spinner for herself and is also pure evil, so she goes ahead and destroys Terri. It should be noted that every single person in the Paige/Spinner/Terri love triangle is my favorite person ever. Meanwhile, Emma dances with a good-looking rebel who plays by his own rules and JT and Toby look at Internet porn together, as boys do.


Then and Now

I didn’t think much of this episode at the time. Of course, I remember the Internet porn plotline because you don’t forget a thing like that. Also, when I was a kid I had a giant crush on Spinner even though I couldn’t tell you why. In this episode, he really likes homely Terri and ignores the hotter Paige. You guys, that was definitely why I was so into him. 100%. It’s all so obvious now.

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