Let’s remember another season one Degrassi episode, shall we?


It’s finals week! The pressure is getting to Sean! Spinner is worried he won’t pass! Fun fact: I watched this with my roommate and she didn’t realize Sean and Spinner were different characters until they had a scene together.

Then and Now

The Sean plotline was never particularly compelling to me, I’m kind of surprised to see that it was an a-plot. I always thought the Spinner plotline was funny and my childhood ended the day I realized the school nurse wanted to use a rectal thermometer on him. That sure is something.


The Good Ship Lifestyle

Liberty condescendingly tells JT that he needs to study more. Annoying the boy you like because you can’t resist being a jerk about academia to everyone?  Liberty is a young me. The worst.

Paige is still with Spinner, although it’s clear that both of them could take or leave that. Speaking of Spinner: the scene where he gets close to Terri because he’s trying to catch her cold is not bad. I continue to ship those two.

Ashley and Jimmy continue to be the most annoying couple on Earth. And Ashley’s really not his type– he likes bad bitches.

Emma is terrified to learn that Spinner had a violent past. To be fair, the very first time she asked him to dance he was beating up Jimmy. That is a hobby she knew he had. In this one he tries to fight Jimmy again and when she tries to intervene, he shoves her to the ground. Yeah, that’ll take the wind out of your ship’s sails.


I’ve Got Something in My Eye…

It is sadly relatable that Sean is a twelve-year-old who thinks he fails at everything he’s tried. Because you haven’t done anything, kid. Man, I spent so much time when I was twelve regretting that I’d already failed at everything in life.


They’re Here, They’re Queer

Paige didn’t get to do a lot in this episode and she had a truly hideous purse (it looked like she murdered a Muppet for its pelt), but she’s still the Paige Michalchuk of my heart.


Biggest LOL

The part where the nurse tries to give Spinner a rectal thermometer was funny, but not haha funny. So I’ll give this week’s biggest LOL to the moment when Mr. Simpson explains how their test will work and then says, “It’s pretty cool!” There’s too long a pause after it and in that moment you see him thinking, “I was once young and full of dreams.” Good stuff.


Most Valuable Actor

Stefan Brogren as Mr. Simpson. I love that guy.


Biggest Drama Bomb

I was devastated when Sean shoved Emma because I am not a monster.


Interesting Facts

-This episode is named after the Queen and David Bowie song, in a loving acknowledgment of the time when you were twelve and felt like you were supposed to like that song.

-The male cheerleader appears again! And he even has a name! It’s Oscar!

-The password for Mr. Simpson’s test was “Broomhead”, which was used as an insult by the kids on Degrassi Jr. High.

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