So, they killed the only bridge crew character worth talking about. That’s typical for this show. “Earth ground-based camouflaged warp capable shuttle with transporter pads ten years before Kirk and Spock.”? Also typical.

This show is so exhausting. Just when I think they have something figured out, they ruin it.

Hey, here’s a visual that reminds us we’re in the future, as Leonard Nimoy’s Spock did in the original just by his very presence, and sort of shows the extreme of all the dumb “augmentation” resin pieces we’ve glued to actors can go to if you extend the fiction to its logical extreme. Navigation station blows up in a Klingon war your shipmate caused, and blew out your eye and half your skull? Hey, if you want to be on this show, it’s three hours in make up for you. Try to make the magic mushroom drive make sense, well, we can make a special costume for Stamets so he can roll up his sleeves and we’ll glue some resin pieces on his arms for the day.

But, boy. Let’s really Boba Fett this one. Let’s have a background character who’s obviously messed up. Delta rays, a shuttle accident, whatever. Whatever happened, she’s been Robocop-ed. Make her Lady Robocop, for you know “diversity” like it means in 2019 and not in the Sixties, when Star Trek was showing everyone how to do it. What a great thing to explore across episodes, the Lady Robocop. What’s it like to be plugged into the ship? What does she do on her down time? How do you relax if you’re always awake? What does Gene Roddenberry’s THE HUMAN ADVENTURE IS JUST BEGINNING mandate mean when you need cameras to see and plugs to breathe and ports to do your job and braces to walk and and and and

Oh, I’ve got an idea, says the writer’s room. Let’s not explore any of those heady science fiction ideas like fifty years of Star Trek< has conditioned the audience to expect. Let’s just blow all of that in half-written character sketches in one episode, give her a doomed husband on the beach of Hawaii and a bunch of first-person-shooter POV crap to sell the high points of her personality and then kill her so actresses don’t have to glue on the appliances and wear the contacts. That just seems like a lot to ask even though Michael Dorn did it for a hundred years across fifty shows and movies. Commander Airiam had two actresses play her across ten episodes. Come on.

Let’s just set up this great character that is one of the only ones who screams Star Trek thematically and get rid of her as fast as we can. It’s not Star Trek, but it’s certainly Star Trek: Discovery. Fans falling for this easy way out and crying about a character they didn’t know until “Project: Daedelus” don’t know what the human adventure is all about, and CBS should be ashamed of themselves for foisting this easy emotional off-on lightswitch on their paying audience. Next we’re going to see Stamets rescuing Archer’s dog Porthos from the magic mushroom dimension only to see him die from chewing up one of Tilly’s 21st Century Frisbees and the audience has to sit through fifteen minutes of the DISCO crew giving a photon torpedo eulogy for a dog while Ethan Peck finally shaves his face.

Dear God, this show.

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