“It’s not food; it’s candy.”

Having to endure an episode that begins with yet another airing out of alternate versions of characters we don’t care about in the first place is an apt metaphor for the agonizer booth torture Michael has to endure as literally as the audience does.
I note that the contrived mechanism of removing Georgiou from Disco continuity to set her up in the Section 31 show that is inexplicably coming is the Guardian of Forever, a concept owned by Harlan Ellison and famously not part of the Star Trek IP. I also note that these guys waited until Harlan and then his wife Susan died to exploit the Guardian and did so without reverence to the idea and dismissed its storytelling power by making it comic relief and a don’t-think-to-much-about-it plot contrivance to move the chess pieces around.
But at least we got yet another unearned, tonally wacky ten minute goodbye to an overcooked character who had long overstayed her welcome. That seems about right, for this show. A show, one reminds the faithful reader, that absolutely nobody would understand if they decided to just jump in and sample this episode. There is no space, the final frontier, to speak of. There is no exploration, no strange newness, no new life or new civilizations, no boldly going. There are meaningless references that read like the Kurtzman rewrites are in a language he just learned phonetically, clunky mentions of other races that mean something if you remember fifty year old minutiae but can also use your senior citizen hearing to glean what the actors are mealy-mouthing in the first place, and… whatever the opposite of “boldly going” is. “Timidly staying in one place out of fear”?
Whatever it is, it’s the opposite of Star Trek, and this show needs to be put out of my misery.
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