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We’ve been rocking through Jason Bateman movies this week at Chateau Lar, and during Horrible Bosses II I told Walker that the guy playing Nick from Arrested Development also did the voice for Jack Ransom on Lower Decks and we had to stop the film because he didn’t believe me and I had to show him the IMDB entry. Being foul-mouthed and vulgar and preposterous with a big splash while being put-upon and over his head is sort of Bateman’s career track, so him voicing Ransom isn’t that far off the beam.
…and speaking of beaming, kudos to McMahon and his team for getting a transporter malfunction episode out of the way/fully embraced for the audience by episode six. With last week’s holodeck adventure with Badgey, the cutesy anthropomorphic money grab, at least this one felt more organic and part of the adventure. And way to go to the writers, addressing what happens to hapless redshirts in the Star Trek universe. Rutherford shows that through choice or misadventure, a Federation citizen can soup themselves up with cybernetic additions and in the early episodes, they mostly played it for laughs. But the live action show famously handles the differently abled with kid gloves. Captain Pike gets a motorized wheelchair, and Tom Paris gets turned into a space lizard, but it all turns out right in the end. Lower Decks brilliantly handles this heavy question: what happens to the guys who can be treated with, appropriately, half-offensive comedy and then as rosy a resolution one could hope for, all delivered by a probably maniacal member of Mr. Arex’ species, the Edosians. I couldn’t have loved that inclusion more than if an Edosian was on the bridge and Amina and Mariner and the team were wearing life support belts instead of Nemesis-era appropriate spacesuits.
• Nice to see the Osler class hospital ships from the STEU get canon legitimacy.
• Speaking of “babysitter Jellico-type,” this one also features the space ninja stealth uniforms from the same episode, “Chain of Command.”
• The space jellyfish energy creatures from “Encounter at Farpoint” show up, and were so weird of course I remembered that one without looking it up.
• I love that the Oakland and the Rubidoux show up, but at this point, I won’t be happy until there are ships named the Outer Sunset and the Panhandle. Remember that old Ted Knight show Too Close For Comfort? His cartoonist character had an interesting quirk where he wore the sweatshirts of various universities as students from all over would send them in for him to wear. Obviously everyone in California needs to name a ship or shuttlecraft for this show.
• I loved that they came out and made it explicit that Mariner is under-ranked in relation to her Academy class peers.
• And how cool there is a rank in Starfleet called “substitute captain”?
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