This is a show that was reviled by critics and largely ignored by audiences. After a halfway-decent start, it dropped in ratings every single week, and when it moved to Wednesday to anchor the night, it sunk further. Now, the numbers for BFFs weren’t any better than Whitney on Wednesday.  But Whitney, with a full season of momentum and a compatible pairing with Chelsea Handler’s show, pulled about 4 million viewers a week.  In its brief run on that same night, Best Friends Forever averaged three million, with minimal promotion (We might have missed it altogether had Lennon Parham and Jessica St. Clair not made the podcast rounds before the premiere, and it’s kind of our job to know about these things.) and a bizarrely mismatched lead-in.  We have nothing bad to say about Betty White under any circumstances, but her show where elderly people make teenagers uncomfortable wouldn’t seem to have a lot of audience overlap with Best Friends Forever.  And it’s had a much more favorable response from critics and many viewers. Whitney has 22 full episodes to endear itself to people and it failed. Best Friends Forever had four episodes, and inspired an online movement for its renewal.  And seriously – after four episodes, there is an organized fanbase.  That usually only happens when the first four episodes of your show involve a mysterious Island or possibly a suburban meth dealer. The least we can do is watch the episodes that are set to air June 1st and let the suits know we want to see it back. Or maybe ask TNT if they’ll pick it up. There’s an idea!  After all, TBS rescued Cougar Town from ABC’s scheduling purgatory.  There has to be a home for a fresh, funny show with a passionate fan following.

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3 Responses to Save “Best Friends Forever”: We Are Willing to Beg

  1. Kim says:

    I’m dying for some more BFF episodes, too! I hear USA might save it if NBC gives up on it. I hope that’s true. This is a really funny show, and the first comedy centered around friendship that ISN’T TRYING TO BE “FRIENDS” (like Happy Endings)! This is a great show. Don’t be stupid, NBC, save it!

  2. EJ says:

    That would be fantastic if USA picked it up! Just look at the way Twitter blew up during the last two episodes – there is clearly a fanbase that’s really taken this show to their hearts.

  3. KG says:

    This show is so good! I just barely started watching it last week and I was hooked. I’m looking for some more episodes so if USA picked it up I would be thrilled! All my other favorite shows are on that network anyways 🙂

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