If you haven’t seen the show, well, there’s not much on this week and all four episodes are available free on Hulu.  Check them out, sign the petition, and then get on the Twitter and show your support with the hashtag #saveBFF.  Let series creators, writers, and stars Lennon Parham (@lennonparham) and Jessica St. Clair (@jessica_stclair) know you’ll be watching the last two scheduled episodes on NBC, June 1st.  (8 PM EST)  They are nice, hilarious, and we feel comfortable calling them spunkybuddies.  Follow them on Twitter, and you’ll see how enthusiastic they are about the series.  It feels like they’d shoot episodes with a cameraphone and put them on YouTube if they had to.  It’s a great show, made by people who clearly love what they’re doing, and that’s what we need on TV.

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3 Responses to Save “Best Friends Forever”: We Are Willing to Beg

  1. Kim says:

    I’m dying for some more BFF episodes, too! I hear USA might save it if NBC gives up on it. I hope that’s true. This is a really funny show, and the first comedy centered around friendship that ISN’T TRYING TO BE “FRIENDS” (like Happy Endings)! This is a great show. Don’t be stupid, NBC, save it!

  2. EJ says:

    That would be fantastic if USA picked it up! Just look at the way Twitter blew up during the last two episodes – there is clearly a fanbase that’s really taken this show to their hearts.

  3. KG says:

    This show is so good! I just barely started watching it last week and I was hooked. I’m looking for some more episodes so if USA picked it up I would be thrilled! All my other favorite shows are on that network anyways 🙂

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