So, we’re not sure how a show that’s only run four episodes so far could have had such an impact on us, but we’ve been missing Lennon, Jessica, Joe, Rav and Queenetta since Best Friends Forever left the air this spring. We just felt in our TV-loving bones that it had the makings of a great little sitcom that we could enjoy for a long time and it was taken from us too quickly! It’s so hard to really fault the network that renewed our beloved Community, Parks and Recreation, Up All Night and 30 Rock despite very modest ratings, but here’s the thing; they picked up Whitney for a second season.

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3 Responses to Save “Best Friends Forever”: We Are Willing to Beg

  1. Kim says:

    I’m dying for some more BFF episodes, too! I hear USA might save it if NBC gives up on it. I hope that’s true. This is a really funny show, and the first comedy centered around friendship that ISN’T TRYING TO BE “FRIENDS” (like Happy Endings)! This is a great show. Don’t be stupid, NBC, save it!

  2. EJ says:

    That would be fantastic if USA picked it up! Just look at the way Twitter blew up during the last two episodes – there is clearly a fanbase that’s really taken this show to their hearts.

  3. KG says:

    This show is so good! I just barely started watching it last week and I was hooked. I’m looking for some more episodes so if USA picked it up I would be thrilled! All my other favorite shows are on that network anyways 🙂

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