Hi all!

I’m writing this on Christmas Day, because I love you.  I hope everybody enjoyed their holiday.  I think it’s worth noting that my sister did Britta’s “Me so hungry” right before dinner.  It was pretty awesome.  Also, I saw the new Mission Impossible, and it’s pretty swell.  The other movies in the franchise have been a bit of a mess, but this one brought really clear storytelling to the table.  And then throw in a bunch of great set pieces, and you’ve got yourself a movie.  Oh, and Simon Pegg is in it!  EJ approves.

So, there’s not much on TV this week, as we wind down 2011.  We’ll have plenty of “Best of 2011” content on spunkybean this week, though.  I will be writing about my top 20 series of the year, and it is likely that I will fudge the numbers a little, perhaps by counting two separate shows as a single series.  Perhaps by doing it twice.  I’m weak.

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