8-9 CHUCK – Season Premiere!  The final season begins here!  Since I missed most of Season Four, I expect to be kind of lost.  Still, I like this show and am glad that is’s on at a time when it will be easier to see.


8-9 KITCHEN NIGHTMARES – Gordon visits a restaurant called “Greek at the Harbor”.  I have a dirty joke all ready to go, but I will refrain.  Because I am classy, that’s why!

9-10 FRINGE – Massive Dynamics gets involved when the translucent shapeshifters return.  I love that they take the time to specify that they’re translucent.  Because the regular shapeshifters?  They’re totes cool, bro.  Nothing to worry about there!

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2 Responses to TV Shows on TV – ScheduleTrombones (October 24 – 30)

  1. rose says:

    I can’t believe that DirecTV might lose FX right when it is getting close to the season finale of Sons of Anarchy. I am so happy to know with my provider/employer DISH Network I don’t have to worry about that since they have a long term agreement with FOX. I would be so mad if I lost FX and all the other channels. Hopefully they can resolve this issue soon.

  2. EJ says:

    You and me both! I have DirecTV, and it’s been completely trouble-free for years and years, but I have to change providers if I lose FX. (And pooping out mid-season for Sons of Anarchy? That’s just not acceptable.)

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