10-10:30 ONION NEWS NETWORK – The FactZone crew says good-bye to one of their own.  And surprisingly, it’s not one of the many Tucker Hopes.  Unless it is.  It’s not like they give very exacting listings for a fake news show.



Heads-up!  Both Modern Family and Up All Night are repeats tonight.  Where has the laughter gone?  Well, at least Modern Family is last year’s Halloween episode, which means we can revisit Gloria’s American accent.


8-9 SURVIVOR – A contestant makes a risky move that shocks the other players.  Could it possibly be Brandon“Want to see me make a pencil disappear?” Hantz?  It takes a lot to make me like a Survivor less than I like Coach, but watching this dude’s weekly breakdowns is just exhausting.

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2 Responses to TV Shows on TV – ScheduleTrombones (October 24 – 30)

  1. rose says:

    I can’t believe that DirecTV might lose FX right when it is getting close to the season finale of Sons of Anarchy. I am so happy to know with my provider/employer DISH Network I don’t have to worry about that since they have a long term agreement with FOX. I would be so mad if I lost FX and all the other channels. Hopefully they can resolve this issue soon.

  2. EJ says:

    You and me both! I have DirecTV, and it’s been completely trouble-free for years and years, but I have to change providers if I lose FX. (And pooping out mid-season for Sons of Anarchy? That’s just not acceptable.)

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