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Usually, I talk about the week in TV in the opening paragraphs.  However, there’s a big event this week that requires your attention.  This Friday, the movie Real Steel opens.  If you have somehow not been paying attention, this is a movie where Hugh Jackman teaches a robot to box so it can compete in the Robot Boxing League.  It is Rock ‘em Sock ‘em Robots: The Movie crossed with that one episode of Futurama.  I am completely obsessed with this movie.  Sugar Ray Leonard was the on-set boxing trainer!  The director is the guy who made the Night at the Museum movies!  In the preview, one robot actually gets his block knocked off!  All this, and Hugh Jackman reconnects with his son.  And Kate from LOST is in it.  So consider this to be Real Steel Week until further notice!

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One Response to TV Shows on TV – The Real Steel Schedule (October 3-9)

  1. Don Kowalewski says:

    It just occurred to me …the NEW South Park didn’t even make your radar. Trey and Matt should take notice. When EJ forgets you, you really are in trouble.

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