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It’s a summer schedule which means things are pretty light. BUT! Not only do we get Season Two of GLOW on Friday, but we get the return of Big Brother so I can’t complain. Watch both and be more like me!

Here’s what to watch on TV this week!




9-11 American Ninja Warrior – It’s the Philadelphia Qualifiers! Only those who survive the Wrench Fight will move on to the Regionals!




10-10:30 Drunk History – This episode focuses on heists, including a handyman who stole the Mona Lisa and the bankrobbing Santa Bandits. Weird Al Yankovic is appearing in this one, and all of this seems delightful.


10-11 Humans – Mia comes face to face with somebody from her past and Joe faces tragedy. This will be a surprising change of pace from the never ending good times that this show usually brings!




8-10 Big Brother – SEASON PREMIERE! Guys? It’s time. My guiltiest of pleasures returns for the summer. A bunch of people spend three months in a house and I gradually turn on all of them. It is pure joy and agony and it will consume me. And we’ll be recapping the whole mess, so goodbye social life!


8-9 MasterChef – The chefs have to make a dish involving walnuts. My grandfather was deathly allergic to walnuts and I’m afraid I inherited said allergy and so I avoid them. If it turns out that walnuts are awesome, I’m going to feel like quite the dork.

9-10 Gordon Ramsay’s 24 Hours to Hell and Back – As much as I enjoy the work of one Mr. Ramsay, I didn’t like when he made the owner fire an employee. I mean, she seemed to be a disaster, but Gordon’s going to be there for one full day and probably shouldn’t have control over staffing.




9-10 Big Brother – Oh yeah, two episodes in two nights. That’s the Big Brother buzz I’ve been missing. Who will be my new summer crush? And will I eventually discover that they’re terrible people? History says the answer to that second question is “yes”.


10:30-11 Detroiters – Tim thinks he might be too hard on Sam’s girlfriends. Or maybe Tim is right and nobody is good enough for Sam.




8-9 BattleBots – Robots are going to fight. Usually I’d be a lot more excited about that, but this is a very special Friday and I have other things on my mind. What could it be? Well…


GLOW – Yes! Season Two of one of my favorite shows is here and I’m going to binge the whole darn thing like a goof. This is where I remind you that yes, Alison Brie is the star and I would watch it anyway, but it’s actually a very good show that deserves your time either way. The early reviews of this season are fantastic, and I can’t wait!




8-9 Big Brother – I assume this is a nomination episode, but the first week is kind of screwy in regards to scheduling.


10-11 Preacher – Jesse attempts to forge an alliance with a familiar adversary. Man, who isn’t his adversary? Dude doesn’t really have friends at this point. Tulip and Cassidy still kind of like him, but that’s it.


“You are not as dumb as I say people say you are.” — Deirdre Robespierre


“I got this theory, in private, that I don’t actually exist.” — Gloria Burgle

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