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It is a light programming week, despite the fact that we’re in the throes of what should be February sweeps. The Olympics are just messing things up, so we’ve got a couple of weeks of nothing but repeats and stuff like Celebrity Big Brother. The second half of February is considerably better with some fun premieres. But it’s not the second half of February now, is it Dad?

Here’s what to watch on TV this week!




9-10 The Alienist – A crucial element in the case vanishes and then Kreizler and Moore interview a witness about a brothel incident. That sounds like it’s going to be sexy, but it’ll probably just be disturbing.




9-10 This Is Us – It’s the history of the Pearsons as told through the life of the family car. I hope the car actually narrates the episode. “You may be surprised to hear a car talking to you. Well, therein lies a tale….” In my version, the car is super folksy.


10-10:30 Baskets – Christine brings the celery. If you remember, last week’s listing was about Christine eating a carrot. Their long game for the season is to put together a salad.


10-10:30 Drunk History – This week, we learn about Berry Gordy and Nichelle Nichols. It is a sign of my ignorance that I think of Berry Gordy as “the Last Dragon guy”, so I’m going to learn things!

10:30-11 Another Period – In a timely episode, women are allowed to complete in the Olympics. I really hope this episode includes old-timey boxing. If I understand correctly, men with mustaches wore oneseies and circled one another with fists raised.


10:30-11 The Detour – Edie tries to get close to the stupidest member of the family. I mean, how do you even choose?




8-9 Big Brother: Celebrity Edition – SERIES PREMIERE! A bunch of people I’ve recapped on other shows move in to the Big Brother house for the duration of the Olympics. I’m going to watch it. I’ll probably hate myself, but I’m going to watch it.

9-11 The Amazing Race – Racers swap teammates for an entire leg. Well, that sounds kind of dumb. I love you, Race, but gimmicks don’t look good on you.


8-9 The X-Files – Skinner goes missing after he’s forced to confront his past. Ooh, we don’t really know that much about Skinner. Except that he’s becoming increasingly intimidating as he gets older. Is he working out with J.K. Simmons?



The Winter Olympics start today! Sort of. There’s primetime coverage of figure skating and freestyle skiing, but the Opening Ceremonies air tomorrow. I don’t get it. Something about time zones, probably.


8-9 Big Brother: Celebrity Edition – Serious question – isn’t there a chance the FBI wants to talk to Omarosa? Is it, like, legally cool that she’s skipping out to do this show? Is the Big Brother house the same thing as international waters? That would explain the cockfighting ring.




8-10 Big Brother: Celebrity Edition – Two hours! I’m either in Heaven or Hell!


8-9 Crazy Ex-Girlfriend – Rebecca tries to be more realistic and practical but then Trent shows up. I have no idea who Trent is. Is he the fake boyfriend from Season One? Guys, I watch a lot of shows and can’t keep track of every supporting character! Also, bravo on the mid-episode eight-month time jump. That was pretty slick.




8-9 Big Brother Celebrity Edition – This is my fourth time writing up this show and not a single episode has aired.


8-9 Counterpart – Both Howards learn more about the conspiracy. I am behind on this show, but what I’ve seen is quite good. You can’t go wrong with double the J.K. Simmons!


9-10 Here and Now – SERIES PREMIERE! This new series comes from Alan Ball and it’s about two families in Portland, but with an as-yet-unrevealed supernatural twist. That makes it hard to know if it’s worth checking out. Because, man, I don’t know if you’ve tried watching Six Feet Under lately, but it has not aged well.


“You run into an *sshole in the morning, you ran into an *sshole. You run into *ssholes all day, maybe you’re the *sshole.” — Raylan Givens


“Hey, I didn’t go looking for trouble. Trouble came a-knockin’ and Bobby Hill’s foot answered the door.” — Bobby Hill

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