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It’s a holiday week and maybe that’s the reason there isn’t much on TV this week. But it really feels like we’re not getting as much new summer stuff this year as in the past. No new programming on TBS, a lack of new stuff on BBC America, a fairly quiet FX/FXX…. My old reliables are letting me down. But those of you aren’t me probably still have some GLOW to watch yet, so you’ll be OK.

Here’s what to watch on TV this week!



9-11 American Ninja Warrior – It’s the Los Angeles Qualifiers! I’m assuming that this will be full of celebrity guests competing. I mean, the Green Arrow guy at the very least.




8-10 Strokes of Genius – I don’t know why there’s a sports documentary on the CW, but this is about the 2008 Wimbledon final between Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal and that is so far up my friend Sam’s alley that they may as well call this Sam Alley.


10-10:30 Drunk History – We’ve got stories about animals this week, including the horse that could do math and a lawyer who defended rats in court. In all fairness, once he put the rat on the stand to tell the story in his own words, the lawyer’s job was kinda done.


11-12 am Humans – Airing one hour later for no good reason! Joe helps Sam with recent events, but I think they mean Sam the child robot and not my previously mentioned friend Sam. That would be a wild twist three seasons in.




Happy 4th of July! NBC has televised fireworks tonight if you want to be bored!


9-10 Big Brother – Veto night! This is how I celebrate America!




9-10 Big Brother – Live elimination! This is the fun part of schedule writing where I don’t even know who’s nominated yet Is it Angie? Please say it’s Angie.


10:30-11 Detroiters – Tim’s mom convinces him to give his difficult brother a job. IMDB doesn’t say who’s playing his brother but this show casts all the awesome people. My expectations are high!




8-9 BattleBots – Icewave returns! I do not like the way Team Icewave continued attacking an opponent that had lost mobility and I feel like they need to learn a lesson.


9-10 The Great British Baking Show – It’s dessert time and people are making tortes! It will be soothing and charming, I promise you that.


Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee – A new season has Jerry driving and chatting with John Mulaney, Kate McKinnon, and the late Jerry Lewis. Presumably that episode was shot a while ago or it’s going to be a weird drive.

Somebody Feed Phil – Phil Rosenthal’s incredibly charming food and travel show returns with new episodes. Man, other than the murder robots, tonight is a charming night of television.




8-9 Big Brother – It’s nomination time! And maybe the online reward/punishment? I’m not clear on how the schedule works out this season yet. I also can only remember like five names.


9-10 Sharp Objects – SERIES PREMIERE! This miniseries is based on a book by Gillian Flynn (who wrote Gone Girl) and stars Amy Adams, so I am already super into this. HBO is positioning this as a big event series and, come on. It’s not like I’m going to miss an Amy Adams thing. (Except Justice League, because when I commit to not seeing a movie I do not see that movie.)


10-11 Preacher – Jesse tries to pay his debt to Gran’ma while Tulip and Cassidy try to make their own plan for escape. They’re so far removed from the comic at this point, but I read the comic and for that reason, Tulip/Cassidy scenes are very, very upsetting. I won’t say more in case the show makes that swerve but I’m not sure it’s still possible.


“I mean, babies are boring. They don’t party, they haven’t traveled, they have no sense of irony.” — Sam Sylvia


“Did you not wake up this morning thinking this was another opportunity to mess up some bad guy’s day? I did.” — Raylan Givens

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