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Lot of finales this week. Obviously the series finale of Game of Thrones but also a bunch of season finales, which means I’m reaching the summer of short schedules. Finally gonna catch up on everything!

Here’s what to watch on TV this week!




9-10 ChernobylHey, the first episode of this was quite good. Also, it’s going to be the only thing to watch on Monday until the new season of Legion at the end of June. You have no choice but to watch!




8-9 MasterChef Junior – The top eight young chefs have to pair up and make something creative with corn. Pop it and make some crafts with the cob. That would be delicious and fun!


10-11 Fosse/Verdon – Bob and Gwen begin rehearsals for Chicago and maybe I can finally start catching up on this show. It’s very good!


10:30-11 The Last O.G. – Last O.G.? More like TBS’s last original scripted series, am I right? Remember how excited I used to be about TBS and they just kept hitting it out of the park? And now they’re canceling everything and I will never love again.




8-11 Survivor – SEASON FINALE! You know the drill – two-hour finale and then the reunion show. That is a long night of one show. And I’ll be honest with you, the reunions are getting kind of boilerplate. The show’s still plenty entertaining, but those reunions are the same thing every time.


8-9 MasterChef Celebrity Family Showdown – These are usually fun. But man, they specify “family” in the title and one of the teams is Snooki and JWoww. Oh, I didn’t like typing those names. But they’re not related, are they? Is this something everybody else knows?


10-11 Whiskey Cavalier – Frankie’s professionalism is tested and the team learns that Susan has been writing psych evaluations on them. It’s a grown-up version of Harriet the Spy!


What We Do in the Shadows – Nadja trains Jenna how to take down a victim and Nandor applies for American citizenship. I see that working out well for him. I will say again that this show is very good.


10-11 Happy! – Sax hits rock bottom. For him. Which is below where it is for most of us. This is another show I love. Wednesdays are very good.


10-10:30 Brockmire – Brockmire deals with sobriety-related impotence. I’m enjoying the ongoing idea that not drinking is ruining his life.




8-9 The Big Bang Theory – SERIES FINALE! I’m listing this because this will be the end of people assuming that I’m a big fan of this show. I’ve outlived you all!


9-10 Brooklyn Nine-Nine – SEASON FINALE! Two episodes! One has Jake and Charles investigating a serial killer, which seems like it might be kind of dark and I sort of want them to play it like Hannibal. Also, the squad has to ally themselves with old enemies. Oh, I hope they’re characters we’ve seen before. The Vulture and Wuntsch would be a lot of fun.


10-10:40 Better Things – SEASON FINALE! “Sam searches and takes a breath”. Boy, we’re really hitting a lot of finales this week.




8-9 Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. – Fitz and Enoch struggle in space and I genuinely didn’t know there was a character name “Enoch” on this show. And I wouldn’t have expected there to be one because this show isn’t set in the Bible.


Catch-22 – George Clooney directs and produces this miniseries adapting the novel. I’m a total Heller-head so I’m going to watch the heck out of this.

Fleabag – Season Two of one of the best comedies I’ve ever seen hits today. I am very excited about it.




11:30-1 am Saturday Night Live – SEASON FINALE! National Treasure Paul Rudd hosts. That man is a delight!




10-11 Good Girls – Beth makes a shocking discovery and then she and Dean have an important talk with the kids. Also, Anne tries to work through her problems with Noah. The fact that he’s working undercover to try and arrest her is maybe not a problem you can work through.


\8-9 Killing Eve – Villanelle assumes a new persona and dives into the world of her target. Ever since Matt Gourley said that the actress who plays Villanelle should be the new Q when they cast a new Bond, I haven’t been able to think about anything else.


9-10:20 Game of Thrones – SERIES FINALE! Oh, like they’re going to give us any information ahead of time. I’ll be a wreck, and that’s all I can safely say.

10:20-11 Barry – SEASON FINALE! Barry is out for vengeance, NoHo Hank may be sent home, and Sally makes a split-second decision. Can this possibly be as upsetting as the Season One finale? I feel like they really have to raise the stakes and it’ll be upsetting. Maybe Barry will kill one of the surviving Game of Thrones characters. It seems unlikely, but that’s how they keep you guessing.


“If you think this is a happy ending, you haven’t been paying attention.” — Ramsay Bolton


“I love weddings. Good food, the celebration of romantic love, and most of all, churches. Say what you will about organized religion; those bastards knew how to construct an edifice.” — Ron Swanson

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