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This week is the final episode of Vice Principals, the two-hour season finale of Nathan for You and a couple of premieres of quirky shows I like. It’s a good week! Enjoy!

I feel like I should talk about Thor: Rangarok and Super Mario Odyssey but to be honest, I need content for the next couple of weeks so I’ll discuss them in another format. But both are rad. Go see and play them!

Here’s what to watch on TV this week!



8-10 Dancing with the Stars – It’s Trios Week! Also, everybody performs two dances, which is the point that breaks the people who are getting by on likeability. You know, like me.


8-9 Supergirl – Children get sick and Morgan Edge blames Lena’s lead bomb so Kara tries to clear her name. Um, we’re taking it as read that she had a lead bomb. There’s not much to clear.


9-10 The Gifted – Thunderbird tries to get answers about what happened to his friend and Lauren encounters a new friend with useful powers. There is a part of me that really wants it to be Wolverine.




8-9 The Flash – There’s a bachelorette party and I assume they’re probably going to a comedy club and they’ll yell out responses to jokes and really ruin things for the performers and the rest of the audience. I may or may not have had a bad experience in this regard.

9-10 DC’s Legends of Tomorrow – The Legends hunt a time-traveling vampire. Oh, that’s a bad mix. An immortal who can also time travel will inevitably encounter himself and destroy the timestream and that’s why the Doctor took away Captain Jack’s Vortex Manipulator.


9-10 This Is Us – Randall deals with the foster system in the present and the past. Also, I just have to gripe about this whole “Kevin is addicted to painkillers” storyline. I mean, it’s a fine idea and all, but it really feels like they’re leaning into their reputation as sadness porn by suddenly springing this on us when it never came up last season. It feels tacked on and, I’ll say it, kinda gross.


9:30-10 Brooklyn Nine-Nine – Hey, it’s back after baseball preemptions! Holt’s gambling addiction resurfaces and Boyle buys a food truck that was used in a string of murders. Oh, I’ve missed you so much.


10-10:30 Teachers – SEASON PREMIERE! Hey, this consistently delightful comedy is back for a new season and I only just now found out about it. You’d think they’d flash some kind of signal to help me out.


10:30-11 At Home with Amy Sedaris – Amy’s rich uncle comes to visit and she can’t afford to entertain him. Oh, this is the kind of show where the rich uncle will definitely have a monocle.



8-9 Survivor – The tribes merge. So, the whole thing where Probst was all like “Boy, you guys are counting on a merge. What if it doesn’t happen next week?” was a bluff? Well, that was silly.


10-11 Stan Against Evil – Evie’s ex-husband comes to town and brings a new pony. A werepony. Ha! Also, a dating show finale hypnotizes Evie and Denise. I love this show. And last week, star Janet Varney was nice to me on Twitter. She is a nice person!


10-10:30 You’re the Worst – Jimmy competes on an NPR game show and Edgar tries to deepen his friendship with Max. I’m not ready for the Son of Zorn to play an adult even though he actually is. I think he might be older than I am!


10-11:20 The A Word – SEASON PREMIERE! The British drama about a family dealing with autism returns and I will cry on a weekly basis. This is my This Is Us.



Hey, thanks to football, the NBC comedies are off for months and that means no Good Place or Great News until next year and now I have nothing in my heart.


8-9 GothamOh, except for Gotham. That remains in my heart forever. This week, Penguin learns that Nygma has been mocking him on stage and Gordon is offered the position of captain. That puts him at odds with Bullock and I can’t handle that friction. Also, no mention of Professor Pyg, but I assume he will be prominently involved. Or he’ll sit out for a week and then Pyg it up. I love Professor Pyg. We’re getting near the end of the year and it’s going to take a lot of work to convince me not to give him the Spunky Award for Best Villain.


9-11 Project Runway – It’s part one of the finale, where everybody goes home to work on their line and then Tim Gunn visits and is disappointed in them. No kidding, the listing actually says he is “not impressed with everything they have created”.


9-11 Nathan for You – SEASON FINALE! Yes, you’re reading that right. This is a two-hour episode in which Nathan helps a Bill Gates impersonator reunite with a long-lost love. Given how elaborate the half-hour episodes have been, you know this movie-length episode is going to be amazing.


10-10:45 Better Things – Sam and the girls go on a trip. Since there’s not much to go on, let me just say how much I loved that throwaway bit in the previous episode where her daughters are watching a Bobby scene from King of the Hill and Sam demands that they turn it down?




8-9 Hell’s Kitchen – The chefs create pizzas inspired by assigned countries. If somebody gets ‘Italy’, you’ll know the fix is in.


8-9 Crazy Ex-Girlfriend – Rebecca goes home and gives her mother control of her life and I will once again feel uncomfortable at the way they want us to get laughs out of an actual psychotic break.


9-10 Marvel’s The Inhumans – SERIES FINALE! It’s the final showdown between Black Bolt and Maximus and then this still-better-than-Iron Fist series will be forgotten. I’m just hoping there’s a post-credits scene where the Avengers show up to adopt Lockjaw because he’s a good boy and none of this is his fault.


Lady Dynamite – Maria Bamford is back for a second season! It’s possible that I still have some episodes to watch yet. It’s a great show but it’s so hard to watch everything! Even for me!




11:30-1 Saturday Night Live – Tiffany Haddish hosts and I am largely unaware of her work. She’s very funny on talk show appearances, though.




8-8:30 The Simpsons – Marge runs for mayor and turns on Homer to win public support. I sort of can’t blame her. The man is deeply unpopular with the electorate!

8:30-9 Ghosted – Annie installs artificial intelligence that turns out to be evil and then Leroy makes a new friend. Hey? That joke from the pilot about how, in all the multiverse, we probably have the best Kevin Spacey is probably going to be cut or changed in all future airings, right?

9:30-10 The Last Man on Earth – Carol’s pregnancy takes an unexpected turn and Gail is concerned about Tandy’s ability to be a father. Yeah, that’s something we’re all worried about.


9-10 The Walking Dead – I know this is going to shock you, but fighting continues between Rick’s forces and the Saviors.

10-11 Talking Dead – A panel of guests discusses the new episode. This week’s panel: Arnie, Usidor, and Chunt. (Panel subject to change because I just now made them up.)


10-10:35 Curb Your Enthusiasm – Larry angers a hot yoga teacher, who is either an attractive person who teaches yoga or somebody who teaches hot yoga. This is too ambiguous for me!

10:35-11:05 Vice Principals – SERIES FINALE! “The school comes to a startling end”. That’s right, this isn’t just resolving the storyline, it is ending the school. Is it going to be a shot-for-shot remake of the Strangers with Candy finale?


“What is this, Horseville? Because I’m surrounded by naysayers. Wordplay!” — Tracy Jordan


“I’ve got the marriage but none of the good parts. It’s like so far it’s been all chain and now ball.” — GOB Bluth

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