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Guys, I’m dealing with a lot right now and don’t have time for an introduction. Please enjoy TV!

Here’s what to watch on TV this week!



Guys? I would be psyched if there was something to watch on Monday, but there just isn’t. This might be a dead zone until Better Call Saul comes back. Oh, I guess Year of the Rabbit comes out a week earlier, but that means we’re still waiting until February for content.




8-9 Jeopardy!: The Greatest of All Time – SERIES PREMIERE! It’s the first prime-time Jeopardy! and it pits the three highest-earning winners of all time against one another. First to win three games wins, which means this could run anywhere from three to seven episodes. That’s what networks like – uncertainty!


9-10 Gordon Ramsay’s 24 Hours to Hell and Back – SEASON PREMIERE! I love this show. Gordon shuts down restaurants and fixes them really quickly and makes we wonder if he has some kind of diplomatic immunity that allows him to seize control of businesses from their actual owners.


10-11 FBI: Most Wanted – SERIES PREMIERE! Just two things about this FBI spinoff. First, they air consecutively so CBS has decided they might as well cram all that FBI heat into one block. And doesn’t the title imply that the main series then is not going after the Most Wanted? Is the flagship series devoted to second tier criminals?


10-11 Zoey’s Extraordinary Playlist – SERIES PREMIERE! This is a “magical realist” series about a young woman who hears the thoughts of people around here in song. So it’s that one episode of Scrubs expanded into a series. But Lauren Graham is in it, so I’ll check it out.




8-9 Flirty Dancing – OK, this weird dating/dancing show is pretty good even if I don’t think it has the juice to run a full season. I especially liked the lady with an irritating voice because I have an irritating voice and if I could only bare my soul through dance, I could transcend my shortcomings. Except that dance is also one of my shortcomings.


10-11 Stumptown – A TV judge hires Dex to find his missing brother. I am so hoping that Joe Brown plays himself.




8:30-9 The Good PlaceMy favorite show comes back for its final run of episodes. Can I say anything specific without hurting my friends who just finished Season Three? Nope. But at least now they know the premise of this season, which means there’s less chance of me slipping up.


8:30-9 The Unicorn – Wade gets ready to introduce his daughters to his new girlfriend. I like that they don’t say he actually does it. This episode might be all about him spiritually cleansing to get ready for this event.

10-11 Evil – David is badly wounded and fights off death from his hospital bed. On this show, that could be super literal.




8-9 Lincoln Rhyme: Hunt for the Bone Collector – SERIES PREMIERE! Did you like the 1999 movie Bone Collector but wish it had been longer and had a worse title? Well, this is the series for you!


12-12:30 am Joe Pera Talks With You – In two episodes, Joe teaches you how to play the piano and then watches Internet videos with you. Do you think he’d like Monster Factory? Can I still get a recommendation out to him?


Medical Police – This is actually a follow-up to Adult Swim’s Childrens’ Hospital. It focuses on Owen Benjamin and Lola Spratt, the two characters who were both doctors and cops, but the entire cast reprises their roles. This should be very good – I miss Childrens’ so much and it’ll be a lot of fun to see these terrible people again.




8-9:05 Doctor Who – No information available! But based on the season premiere, we’re off to a roaring start. I had so much fun and I’m looking forward to what they have to offer. Which, if the trailer is to be trusted, includes Cybermen.


9-11 The Outsider – SERIES PREMIERE! It’s a minseries adapting Stephen King’s novel about a murder investigation. Get this, it stars Ben Mendelsohn (Captain Marvel, Rogue One), Jason Bateman, Cynthia Erivo (Bad Times at the El Royale) and Bill Camp (The Night Of). So that sounds like something I’ll watch.


“I’d say it’s a gift from God, but that’d be me giving the man upstairs a little too much credit. This is all me, baby.” — Ash Williams


“We’re gonna have to turn this debacle into a straight up bacle.” — Jake Peralta

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