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It is a very short schedule this week. I know that has little to do with me, but I still feel kind of bad about it. Is there too little on, or is my bar for schedule status too high? Well, I put miniature golf on the schedule, so you make the call.

Here’s what to watch on TV this week!




8-10 America Ninja Warrior – Oklahoma City qualifiers! I think this will be the new regular ANW night going forward, and also the night it’s aired every other season. But they spent a couple weeks pretending it was going to be Wednesday and I don’t know who to trust anymore.




10-10:30 Drunk History – SEASON PREMIERE! Hey, new season! One of the stories this week is about Phineas Gage, who is a really interesting tale and also the basis for a Venture Bros. villain.


10:30-11 The Detour – SEASON PREMIERE! I fear the sun is setting on TBS’ lineup of original comedy, but at least we get another season to hang out with the Parkers and their misadventures.




8-9 The Amazing Race – The teams transport eggs by bicycle in the Netherlands. No kidding, I made a pun about cracking and immediately deleted it because we’re all better than this.


8-9 MasterChef – It’s the first team challenge as they cater a MasterChef-themed pool party. Gotta say, theming the party after the show that it’s actually on is maybe a little lazy. It’s like have a bar mitzvah-themed bar mitzvah.


10-10:30 Archer:1999 – Archer and the team encounter a cosmic beast and then a life coach. I known which one Archer will hate more!




8-9 Holey Moley – SERIES PREMIERE! Guys? This is an extreme miniature golf show hosted by Steph Curry and Rob Riggle. We can agree that we’re all going to watch this, right?


10-10:30 Baskets – Chip picks up Pedialyte. I like how this show does its vague listing where it cites one minor event in the episode that is literally true but doesn’t indicate what the episode is about.




8-9 Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. – According to the listing, this is a FitzSimmons episode and that sound you heard just now was recapper extraordinaire just totally checking out.


8-10 BattleBots – It’s robot fighting time! I don’t have any more information than that, the stated theme of the show. Man, I am just flying through this schedule!




8-9:20 Luther – I believe this is the season finale and there’s no information available. Boy, this schedule is not very helpful.


9-10:05 Fear the Walking Dead – Charlie finds a friend but the rescue mission hits a snag. That last part could be safely assumed because they hit nothing but snags. I love that this show is about people who are just trying to help, but they’re hilariously bad at it. They’re the Doom Patrol of zombie survivalists.


“I still believe the world is good. That bunnies are nice and snakes are mean and that one day Sandra Bullock will find someone who deserves her.” — Kimmy Schmidt


“Ah, there’s nothing more exciting than science. You get all the fun of sitting still, being quiet, writing down numbers, paying attention. Science has it all.” — Seymour Skinner

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