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Hope you’re enjoying the long weekend. Or, given our current times, a day that is exactly like every other day for the last eight weeks or so. It’s going to be a light TV week and frankly, that’s going to kind of be how summer goes. None of us are happy about that, but it’s starting to sink in how long the break between seasons is going to be. You think they finished shooting Barry or I Think You Should Leave? They have not!\

Here’s what to watch on TV this week!




8-10 The Titan Games – SEASON PREMIERE! It’s the Rock’s athletic competition show that I seem to think was kind of boring the first time around. But come on, what else are you watching tonight?


Since it’s a light schedule and I’m procrastinating on rewriting something, each day I’m going to pick a pop culture favorite.


Best James Bond – Pierce Brosnan. I know that’s not the popular choice, but only because you’re wrong. Also, the best Bond movies are From Russia With Love, Goldeneye, and Casino Royale.  Martin Campbell directed two of them, but he also directed Green Lantern.



Hey, so FOX has been advertising “The Summer of Ramsay”, but I think they fudged it. Because tonight we have both Hell’s Kitchen and 24 Hours to Hell and Back, but they’re both repeats. It’s entirely possible that they’re just going to repeat the 2017 season of Hell’s Kitchen this summer, and I’m going to watch it.


Best Batman – Not even close, it’s Kevin Conroy, who voiced him in Batman: The Animated Series plus all the spinoffs and a bunch of video games.



HBO Max launches today and the opening lineup isn’t super compelling, though I am kind of interested in those new Looney Tunes shorts. But their archive is fantastic and they’re going to have some fine new programming in the months to come, including Season Two of Doom Patrol.


8-10 Thor: The Dark World – They’re running the second Thor movie, which is one of my friend Sam’s favorite Marvel movies and also Endgame brought it to prominence and it will be fun to watch and imagine that Fat Thor and Rocket Raccoon are running around just offscreen.

10-11 Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD – SEASON PREMIERE! The final season begins with Coulson and the team trapped in the year 1931. Are they going to team up with an eleven-year-old Steve Rogers?


9-10 Ultimate Tag – This show was pretty fun last week. Or maybe my standards have slipped. I can’t tell anymore.


10-10:30 At Home with Amy Sedaris – Amy thinks she has finally found true love but encounters speed bumps, hurdles, and angry friends. Her friends are almost always angry, though. Passive-aggressive at the very least.


10-10:30 What We Do in The Shadows – Oh, this looks fun. Nandor’s old familiar from the 70s returns while Nadja and Lazslo revive their musical act. There is nothing funnier than Matt Berry singing.


Best Batman Writer – Yeah, two of my seven bests are Batman-related. So far. There might be more. But the best Batman writer is Greg Rucka, but Grant Morrison did my favorite Batman arc.




8-9 Who Wants to Be a Millionaire? – I mention this because local favorite Lauren Lapkus continues her run this week. First, I’m a little bitter that she talked about how she almost invited Paul F. Tompkins to be her expert because that’s just a tease. Second, my mom watches this show and she wanted me to explain who Lauren is and I had to be like “Well, she pretends to be Scott Aukerman’s nephew on a podcast….” and that just raised more questions.

9-10 Holey Moley – This mini golf obstacle course really got cranked up this year. They set the golfers on fire! And I am not exaggerating. That happened. Also, you get a real feel for the production order here because the Steph Curry interstitials are all animated, which means that was the very last thing they were going to shoot. You’d think they’d knock those out first.


Best Podcast – It’s hard for me to say anything but Comedy Bang! Bang!, but I ended up making a really good friend because of Hollywood Handbook, so I have to give the edge to the Boys.




8-9 Haircut Night in America – I don’t know what this is and I hope nobody ever tells me. I just want to enjoy that something with this title exists.


Somebody Feed Phil – Phil Rosenthal’s travel/food show returns for a new season and it’s a great delight. It’s fun and weird and you’re going to see some bonkers-ass food.

Space Force – Greg Daniels of The Office created this show which brings Steve Carell and Lisa Kudrow back to TV and the cast is absolutely stuffed with my favorites, including Spunkbuddy Jessica St. Clair. And it looks funny, but I’m not sure making a show about a dumb thing Trump said is going to go down the right way. Like, it might have been funnier 100,000 deaths ago. I’ll watch it and probably enjoy it, but I feel like it’s already dated itself.



Best Robin – Yes, my third Batman-related pick because I couldn’t settle on my favorite Marvel movie. Best Robin is Tim Drake, but the best character of anybody who’s been Robin is Dick Grayson.




9-10 Killing Eve – No information available!

9-10 I Know This Much is True – This miniseries has been very good, but I’m not sure why it exists. The book was a hit but it’s not like a perennial favorite – if you didn’t read it between 1998 and 2002, you didn’t read it. And it’s not like it’s newly relevant (like The Plot Against America). It’s just an odd choice for a TV adaptation and I wonder if maybe Mark Ruffalo was super passionate about it.


10-11 Quiz – SERIES PREMIERE! This miniseries tells the story of the man who tried to cheat his way to victory on the original Who Wants to Be a Millionaire? I’m into this. Especially because Michael Sheen is in it.


11:30-12 am Rick and Morty – “Stuff disappears”


Favorite TV Show – For years, I would say Deadwood. And I will still argue that Deadwood is the BEST show. But I think now my actual favorite is The Leftovers.


“I’m sorry I doubted you. I’m also sorry somebody is trying to kill you, but I can only take ownership of the first one.” — Terry Jeffords


“When Penguin was Mayor, did he mention a mysterious group? One that controlled the levers of power in Gotham with total impunity?” — Barbara Keane

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